Webhooks allow for an easy transfer of events, i.e. shipment events, back to the leading online shop system.


Recipient-URLs for webhooks must be encrypted via https and may include references for the logistics service provider courier, the tracking number tracking_number, and the order number orderNo.

All webhooks will be sent by the following IPs (for firewall whitelisting):

Data Format

Each event type has a specific payload format (in JSON):

  "event": "<event>",
  "references": {
    "courier": "...",
    "tracking_number": "...",
    "orderNo": "..."
  "data": {

Available Events

The following events are available:

event description
onDispatch Package has been scanned by the carrier and is on its way.
onScheduled Carrier notified about the day of delivery (partly with time frame).
onOutForDelivery Package is out for delivery - partially with time frame depending on carrier.
onFailedAttempt Delivery attempt failed; recipient was not available.
onDelay There was a problem detected, delivery will be delayed.
onPickupReady Package is ready for pickup.
onDelivered Package has been delivered or has been picked up, i.e. recipient has received package.
onReturn Package could not be delivered and will be returned to sender.

Transferred Data

references will always be the same as stated above. The fields in data depend on the event.