This documentation explains how to interface with parcelLab. For support, please reach out to our team at


To get started with parcelLab, following three steps have to be done together with our team:

  1. Make sure you have all required credentials: Most of the endpoints require authentication to be used. Make sure you have all the necessary credentials and understand our security concept before trying to access our API.
  2. Understand the data model: Make sure to understand the datamodel before starting to submit data.
  3. Create Trackings on parcelLab: Creating a tracking is the act of transmitting information about a delivery to be tracked by parcelLab. This can be done via different methods, described here.
  4. Load Trackings into your systems: Retrieving a tracking on the other hand is the act of getting the information about a specific tracking from parcelLab to be used in another system, like a webshop. Here, also different methods can be used, all described here.

Authentication & Security

Credentials are assigned by the parcelLab Team as required for the services used. Overall, there are different pairs of credentials for different service to assure security. All communications are performed via secure channels like https and ftps. Information in our databases is encrypted and can only be accessed with the right credentials.

API requests

For interfacing the RESTful API, credentials in this form are required:

user: Number,
token: String

These credentials need to be provided in the request headers, so that they are encrypted as well. Requests are therefore required to use https. A request therefore is constructed like this:

POST '$service'
+ user: Number
+ token: String
+ content-type: 'application/json'
+ payload: Object/JSON

Requests on services requiring authentication without credentials will return a 401 status code with the message No credentials given., invalid credentials will also return a 401 but with Invalid credentials..

Portal and FTP-SSL Access

The parcelLab Portal to be used by customer support requires:

username: String,
password: String

For FTP services, the credentials are again in this form:

username: String,
password: String


For further help, please get into contact with our team at